Half Marathon


Zagreb Spring Half Marathon is a road running race in total length of 21.098 m. Start and finish are at the same place. The race start is scheduled for 27th March 2022 at 8:30 am. Start and finish line will be in front of National and University Library in Zagreb, in Hrvatske bratske zajednice street.


All competitors must enter the race in a good health status and they run at their own risk. By registering for the race, the competitor gives up all possibility of transferring responsibility to the race organiser and confirms his/her good health status and competence to start and finish the race. In accordance to the rules of the road running race organization, the organiser will provide needed medical care.


All competitors must be 16 or older on the day of the race. Younger competitors, who are at least 14 years old, may participate with the parents consent and an approval of a sports medicine doctor.


By registering for the race, the competitor agrees that all the photographs taken before, during or after the race can be used by the organiser for internal requirements and promotion of the event. The competitor also agrees on the organiser`s use of their personal data for the internal communication and the purposes of the race promotion.


Refreshments will be provided at the start, during the race and in the finish area. Extra refreshments will be provided in the finish area.


Time will be measured electronically with an electronic chip and results will be published on the official web page of the organiser right after the race. All competitors will have a net time (chip start) and a gross time (the time from start signal to the time of crossing the finish line). In accordance with the rules of the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations), the official score will be the competitors gross time.


The start number must be placed only on the runner`s chest and it must be visible throughout the whole race. During the race the competitor must also have a corresponding chip on their start number because without the chip their result will not be registered. Failure to comply with the rules entails disqualification of the competitor.


The time limit of Half Marathon is 3 hours (8:32 min/km). One checkpoint will be on half of the race – 10.549 m. Runners must pass this point in less than 1h:30min.


The unofficial race results will be published right after the race. The right to appeal is three days after the announcement of the unofficial results. The results will become official as soon as the period to appeal on the unofficial results expires.


The traffic will be closed and a police motorcycle escort is provided for the first group of competitors. Unless otherwise stated, the rules of the Croatian Athletic Federation are applied in agreement with the rules of the IAAF. The race course is officially measured and has the international AIMS certificate.

Half Marathon Relay


Competitors register for the race as a team of four runners. They register regardless of gender or age respecting all of the above for the half marathon race.


The relays are divided by categories:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Mixed classic (2 men and 2 women)
  • Mixed men (3 men and 1 woman)
  • Mixed women (1 man and 3 women)


The relay is divided into four legs. Each competitor runs one leg. A competitor starts his/her leg when the team member that ran the previous leg touches him/her by hand. The team member that runs the first leg starts with the competitors of the half marathon.


All other rules and responsibilities are the same as for the half marathon race with the exception of the age rule where relay competitors must be 10 year old on the day of the race. All competitors who are 12 years old or younger may participate with the parents consent and an approval of a sports medicine doctor.


5 K race


5 K race is a road running race in total length of 5.000 m. Runners run one 5 K lap. Start and finish line are on the same place. There will be one checkpoint on the most distant part of the race course (Dubrovnik Avenue).


The race starts on 26th March 2022 at 6:30 pm. Start and finish line will be in front of National and University Library in Zagreb (Hrvatske bratske zajednice street).


All competitors must be at least 12 years old on the day of the race. Competitors that are younger than 12 may compete with their parents consent and an approval of a sports medicine doctor.


The time limit for the race is 45 minutes (9:00 min/km).


All rules and responsibilities for the half marathon apply.


Half Marathon prize money


Overall men and women:


1st  place – 3.000kn
2nd place – 2.000kn
3rd place – 1.000kn


Croatian men and women:


1st place – 2.000kn
2nd place – 1.000kn
3rd place – 700kn
4th place – 500kn
5th place – 300kn